Two Best Friends

March 16, 2018

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This past weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with these two beauties. Kalana and Gabriela have been best friends since high school and their relationship dynamic absolutely shows it.

From the moment I met up with them, they were all giggles and smiles. We took a bit of a road trip out to Stinson Beach and hung out at Kalana’s uncle’s beach house. The view was just breathtaking. The house itself had so much character and was so bright and airy.  The day started off a bit gloomy and foggy but showed promise of blue skies peeking out by the afternoon. The weather was definitely on our side since it started to clear up by the time we got there.

We spent a good portion of our afternoon there and was able to take the 5 minute drive down the road to the beach and catch some last minute photos before the sun set for the day. I was in absolute heaven with the warm light and glow of the sun making it’s last appearance. We made the trek back to the car and cozied up by the fire before it was time to head back home. It’s sessions like this that make me absolutely in love with what I do. Not for one moment did it feel like work, but it felt like catching up with old friends while leisurely enjoying each other’s presence.




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