New York

July 15, 2018

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I recently returned from a trip to New York. Everyone asks me how the trip was and I struggle to put it into words. The reason is that the city is amazingly beautiful and part of me is itching to pack my bags and move into a hole in the wall on 5th Ave. I had so much fun. I came back with blisters on my feet and mosquito bites all over my legs but I would do it all over again.

New York is nothing like San Francisco. People there talk and walk at 100 miles per hour and they are not afraid to be real with you. I love the skyline and how the city changes color as the sun sets. The entire place is alive 24/7 and it truly never sleeps. Being in Times Square is like having 80 TVs on all at the same time, all pointed at you. Walking down 5th Ave past Versace and Salvatore Ferragamo makes me feel like I’m in a scene from Sex and the City. All I need are some stilettos and a fur coat. The Bronx is every bit dangerous and sketchy as you would think.

Street hotdogs are on every corner. Pizza parlors litter the entire city like cockroaches. You can find a bagel place every 30 steps. I. Love. New. York. I’m already waiting to go back.



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